Welcome to the No Buy, No Cry blog, one mom’s attempt to have a baby while acquiring and accumulating as little stuff as possible.
The title for this blog was coined by my Uncle Hung, who used to say it to us kids when we were little and would pout and cry when we wanted to buy something but our parents wouldn’t permit it.

In this blog I will write about having a baby while trying to resist the consumerism that goes along with it. Wish me luck!

No Buy, No Cry,
~ Jennifer


3 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Erica M Says:

    I was able to almost completely avoid the consumerism that goes along with having a baby, but my mother could not resist. So, much of the purchasing of unnecessary things were by people other than me. I don’t know if there’s much you can do to avoid that. My mother is really stubborn. So, I could tell her not to.. and she’d be sneaking things into my house when she was babysitting or something. Good luck.

  2. jspage Says:

    I also have friends and family who are not down with the No Buy, No Cry philosophy. But I’m okay with that. If it makes someone happy to buy a new gift, I won’t begrudge them that. I did let people know that we would love to have hand-me-downs, and even asked for hand-me-downs or hand-made gifts as shower gifts.

  3. food1st Says:

    I love the idea of this blog, and the concept of no buy no cry! I hope more folks catch on. There’s so many things already produced and about in our world, why do we need to buy something new when there is something used and unwanted just waiting. Where and how can we connect to this. Take clothes for example! I just swam though piles of clothes at the Garment District in Cambridge and was yet again reminded of ‘one man’s trash, another man’s treasure.” it was all about treasure for us that day!!

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