The Baby Shower

How do you take something that is all about giving things, like a baby shower, and reconcile it with the No Buy, No Cry philosohpy?
Well, since we live over two hours from my family, and over five hours from Stephen’s family, we’ve decided to throw our own alternative baby shower for our local friends and relatives. I’m not even calling it a “baby shower,” but rather a “Welcome Baby Luncheon.” We’re having it at our favorite local Chinese restaurant, Amherst Chinese, about 6 weeks before the baby is due. In lieu of gifts, we are asking people to bring a baby-themed donation to the Amherst Survival Center (I have contacted the Survival Center to see if there is anything in particular that they need, like diapers, formula, etc.).
I suspect that some people will still want to bring a gift for our baby, so I’ve suggested that they bring a book for the baby, a hand-made gift, or a hand-me-down. Check back for more info on the “Amherst baby shower”; I’m still in the planning stages.

Meanwhile, my mom wants to throw a baby shower for us in the town where I grew up, for family and local friends (the “Yorktown baby shower”). I hadn’t wanted to do the registry thing, but she and others encouraged me to do it. A friend told me about, a registry site that allows you to pull in items from various online retailers. So, I signed up for that and have added a few items, like cloth diapers.
I encouraged my mom to send out the shower invitations using Evite, a free, online invitation service. Here is the note that we included in the invitation:
Those of you who know Jennifer and Stephen well will not be surprised to hear that they are attempting to have a baby while accumulating and acquiring as little stuff as possible, and that they want to create an environment for Baby Page that is as natural as possible.
Those wishing to bring a gift are encouraged to give a book for the baby or a hand-made gift.
Or, check out their gift registry at

So, that’s the Baby Shower news so far. Check back for updates once both showers take place!

No Buy, No Cry,
~ Jennifer


2 Responses to “The Baby Shower”

  1. Claire Cocco Says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I found your blog through the Yahoo group Beyond Birth forum. I attended a Groff park get together with my 7 month old Sylvan. Anyway I was intrigued to read your posts as they sounded similar to our own philosophy. I remember when I was pregnant adamantly expecting that items like a stroller and changing table were necessary. After more reading/thinking, we opted no for a changing table and use the floor. Now that S. rolls around a lot, it makes sense! We did end up with a stroller but I primarily use a sling. We also now have a baby back pack. Anyway my point is yay for resisting the over-consumerism of having a baby!

  2. jspage Says:

    Hi Claire, Great to hear from you!
    We also opted for no changing table. We inherited a changing table pad from a friend, and we put that on top of the dryer in our laundry room! It is the perfect height, so it works perfectly. We’re using cloth diapers now, so it’s also really handy that the dirty diapers are already in the laundry room.
    We have two strollers, both hand-me-downs, and we rarely use either because I prefer the sling too.

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