Second-hand, but not second-rate

Note: I wrote this entry a month ago but it got indexed incorrectly in my blog, and I couldn’t figure out how to fix it. Now, a month later, I figured it out!

I’m back after an extended hiatus that included the third trimester, childbirth, and the first 8 weeks of life with a newborn!

Before my daughter (who I will refer to as L) was born, I prepared by making sure that I had enough clothing for her first few weeks of life. On the advice of a friend, I bought mostly one-piece pajama outfits for her. This friend told me that while there are many cute newborn outfits out there (dresses, hoodie and pants, shirts and shorts), for the first few weeks I would probably only dress my daughter in easy one-piece pajamas. So, I visited my local children’s consignment shop (Second Chances), as well as the Salvation Army, and stocked up on several good-quality all-cotton pajamas. I even found organic cotton pajamas at the Salvation Army!

Now that L is almost two months old, I’ve realized that I can’t keep dressing her in pajamas all day! So I returned to Second Chances, which has quickly become my go-to shop for all children’s items. I spent under $74, and left with 20 articles of clothing! That’s an average of $3.70 per article, and some of the items were two-piece sets! Before you picture faded and worn-out clothing, let me tell you that these items were in great condition, some of them still new with tags!

Below are just three of the outfits I found or put together at Second Chances.

Why not check out the consignment shop in your area? You may find a great one for adult clothing too! Do a Google search for “consignment shop” followed by your town and state, and see what pops up!


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